henderson for mayor

Breaking down barriers, building a future.                           

I believe the primary duty of the Mayor is to ensure for the Safety and Prosperity of all of Tipton’s residents. As Mayor, I will serve the citizens of Tipton by:

 1.      Providing effective and balanced leadership that encourages contributions from all.  Our city is filled with smart, talented and creative people and a good idea is a good idea, no matter who proposes it.  Every person matters – every voice matters.  Our city deserves a leader who works to unite its citizens, not a leader who is divisive.

 2.      Leveraging my extensive experience to ensure the success of our wonderful city.  This includes accessing, when necessary, the many county, state and federal relationships I have developed over my many years of public service.

 3.      Ensuring all people in city leadership positions put the best interests of our citizens above all else.  They will listen to all concerns and respond in a timely manner and with the utmost respect.

 4.      Promoting community involvement by municipal departments (Utilities, Street, Fire, Police and Others).  This will strengthen the relationships with citizens.

 5.      Encouraging existing businesses to remain and expand.  Enticing new businesses to invest in our city.

 6.      Creating an effective process to efficiently and fairly enforce the building code violations.  It is important to preserve the value of home ownership - the largest investment some of our citizens make.

 7.      Developing a plan for modernizing existing utilities, with a vision toward expanding the service base.

 8.      Expanding walking/biking trails (urban and suburban) and establishing fitness areas that are accessible to everyone, from our youngest children to our treasured senior citizens.

 9.      Working closely with Tipton Community School Corporation, IU Health Tipton Hospital and other public partners.  Together we provide a wonderful place to live, work and worship. 

 10.   Supporting valued charities that are vital to our community


Boards / Offices

City of Tipton Board of Zoning and Appeals 2005-2007

City of Tipton Plan Commission (current)

Tipton County Plan Commission (current)

Tipton County Surveyor (current)



Provided numerous surveys / designs for development in and around the City of Tipton.

Successfully served as a Liaison for the donation of approximately 30 acres for recreational / park within the two mile jurisdiction of the City of Tipton.

Revised city and county Zoning Documents.

Completed comprehensive plans for both the city and the county.

Completed numerous Elevation Certificates free of charge for citizens who reside in flood zones, to help mitigate the cost of the Flood Insurance.



Designed, Platted and successfully oversaw the completion of the Most Recent Multi-Residential Lot Subdivision within the City of Tipton.

Oversaw the completion of the Getrag / Chrysler building.

Created all necessary descriptions for use in the documents for the purchase of County Road 560 West.

The interchange at U.S. 31

Love’s Travel Plaza

Provided topography / boundary free of charge for the Tipton County Jail

Provided topography / boundary free of charge for the new RAM Industries site located on Industrial Drive.

Provided topography / boundary free of charge for the Tipton School Athletic Area Expansion.



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